Saturday, June 02, 2007


Hey College Girl and Nick-Beau (he's college girl's boyfurrend)! Me an Beau Beau haf demands.
1) We demand to know when da Mommy and Daddy are coming home. We finks dey am way overdue from da honey-moon.
2) What is a honey-moon anyway?
3) We want fank you for feeding us owr stinky goodness but since the rest of da fambly is not here we finks you should gibs us shrimp and lots of it before dey get back!
4) Dat wuz fun playing in da water dat leaked out of da sink all ofur da floor but maybe you could use some of it to wash out owr private baffrooms huh? Dey am getting a little stinky.
5) We finks you should open up dat bag of treats dat you were aposed to be giving us efurryday. Mom said how many a day? Maybe seventy-eleben a day? Dat sounds about right.

We could fink of lots of more fings we want but dis will do for now.

Angie, household spokesperson while da beans are away.


  1. I think your demands are very reasonable. The people should comply immediately.

  2. Yes, dose are furry reesonabul demands. After all, yoo are da most important fing in da house!

  3. You tell 'em Angie! And, hey! We have the same kitty bowls as you!

  4. Shrimps! Shrimps! Shrimps!

  5. Those are reasonable requests, Angie. I think that you should be gettin' eleventy-squillion treats efurry day!

  6. If they are not giving you enough treats, you must find something of theirs and either poop on it, or treat it to a toothy death. That's only fair.

  7. Angie

    Yu tell 'em! I fink yu are bein quite reasonabbble. 'Specially the part bout the clean box!


  8. you has furry reasonable demands Angie. And NO TREATS???? That should be reported to the auforities immediately!!

  9. Anonymous3:33 PM

    they gotta brake owt the treets! whut kinda kitty sitters are they if they izzn't spoilin' the kitties? be furry furry lowd an don't stop meooowwwing till they gif in. looks like yur doin' a good job alreddy. the Lady sez that's 'zactly how i look when i'm demandin' treets, 'cept fur i'm all black.

  10. You tell them, Angie! I think your demands are very reasonable. They must break out the shrimps and the treats immediately. And clean the litter boxes.