Friday, June 29, 2007

Freaky Friday

Happy Friday. Eye see you! Hee hee . Efurryone is always telling us bout owr pretty eye-liner eyes so we thot we'd show yoo a close up. Which eye belongs to whom?

UPDATE: Fanks to all for yur guesses. We were surprized dat it wuzn't as easy as we thot it would be. Dis wuz fun.

Eye No. 1 : Beau Beau
Eye No. 2: Angie


  1. Beau Beau we finks yu is #1 and that Angie is pixchur #2. We had to study dem awhile ~~ we diddant realolies dat yu boff had furry simmulair eyes. Yu boff hav booteefull eyes.


  2. I agree with Debra. Do we win a prize if we are right?

    Beau number 1
    Angie number 2.

    They sure are pretty green eyes. Come and look at my pictures. I have orange eyes!!

    Poppy Q

  3. Mom only needed about ten seconds.
    1. Beau Beau
    2. Angie

    But I think you both have beautiful eyes.

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    "Wow" this is hard yet I think eye #1 belongs to Angie and # 2 Victor.

  5. I also think Beau Beau is 1 and Angie 2.

    Such lovely eyes!


  6. we fink Beau Beau is #1 and Angie is #2

    is we right? is we?

  7. Oh, I love those close up photos! You two have such beautiful eyes.

  8. Beau is #1 and Angie's are #2 - right? Even if we'z wrong, der still beyootiful eyes. Mom wants to know how yoor mom gots dem pikshers. If she gets to close to us wif da kamera we freek out!

  9. This is very hard, but we think #1 is Angie and #2 is Beau. Your irises look like they've been watercolor painted!

  10. Oooooh...Ahhh.... eyes are purdy!

  11. I fink 1 is Angie an 2 is Beau Beau... unless 1 is Beau Beau an 2 is Angie. AHHHHHHH!
    Mine eye fingies are more yeller an Bonnie's is more greener.
    Mom says she met a Manx last nite whose eyes was yellow wif a green outer edge!

    Oh, Ariel finks MINE eye was in there? Hee hee hee maybe she's rite!

  12. Eye #1 is Beau Beau, and Eye #2 is Angie! At least that's what I think!

    Youkitties have bee-yootiful eyes!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  13. Such purrty eyes. We fink #1 is BeauBeau and #2 is Angie.

  14. 1 is Angie, Beau is 2. Either way you have great looking eyes.

  15. You both have beautiful eyes. 1. Beau 2. Angie
    Samantha & Tigger

  16. Hmmm, it'z hard to tell since yu boff haff green eye fings but I FINK purty Angie is 1 and handsum Beau Beau is 2. Efurrybudy can tell whoze eyes iz whoze in OWR howse. And I'z reely eazy since I'z the only poodin wiff BLOO eyes.

  17. Oh gosh, yall haf such purrty eyeliners. Gree has eyeliners too but her eyeses are gold-like. Yall sure haf purrty eyes too. Um, we finks #1 is Beau Beau (aka Victor's twin hehehe) and #2 is Angie. But then we changes owr minds and changes it back. hehehe

  18. Eye can't tell!
    But they are both beautiful eyes!

  19. Anonymous2:11 AM

    #1 is BeauBeau
    #2 is Angie
    Both are very beautiful eyes!

    MamaCat & the FurryPurries

  20. Beautiful eyes!

    Come visit our blog. We're having a 200th post contest.


  21. Anonymous12:22 PM

    what beautiful pictures! darn - we're too late for the guessing.