Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Wants

Owr bizzy weekend:

Ferst, I wuz acuuzed of being a squash bandit. Yoo can see my look of pure innocence. Somone else musa put da bitey on dis squash. I like da yellow ones.
While Mom wuz pondrin dis mistry she made sauce fur da winter. It also fits in da Sunday Art category since beautiful food is an art in itself. At least dats what she says.

Den Angie became a cheese thief. While Mom wuz taking a break Angie wuz finking of taking a food break herself. She finally got what she wanted. Hope she duzn't get more den she asked for acoz she's a leeetle lactose sensitive if yoo know what I mean.

Hope efurryone had as much fun dis weekend as we did.
~Beau Beau


  1. OMG - I'm salivating! We'll be right over.

  2. That's a lotta sauce! My Mommie just buys stuff in a jar. I do not think it is as good as fresh though.

    Beau, based on your innocent expression, I am certain you did not bitey on the squash. But Angie got caught red-pawed! Cheese is very delicious.

  3. Yum - food! It's obvious your mom is a good cook, unlike mine.

    P.S. I believe that you did not harm that innocent squash, Beau Beau.

  4. Beau Beau, if yoo like skwash it's okay to admit it. Mom makes sauce like dat and den she freezes it in skware containers den she puts in dez plastic bags and sucks it in da food saver. Our downstairs freezer is full of yummie sauce.

  5. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Wow! What a lot of sauce. I could help taste it if you like? Well that's what the Woman said when I offered to help taste the pattypan squashes she's got right now and is cooking up!

  6. Mmmmm, bean foods is the bestest. I nefur tried squash, unless you count stompin on Dad's brownies (three times now!).

  7. victor, victor you have a brownie stompin' habit...
    I - othello - love cheese the more stinky the better! but I don't like squases. Eeek!
    Momma says you look so innocent you couldn't have done it she believes!

    purrrrrs, Kashim & Othello

  8. BeauBeau,wiv dat look of wide eyed innersents there's no way it could haf been yoo put the bitey on dat skwash.
    Angie it's not a good ideer to go and sit where the foxes live, yer too purrty and dainty to be a fox's supper. Yoo wuz asking about us going out wiv mum. We are only efurr allowed out wiv her and she takes us furr walks around the feelds. Sumtimes when she's gardening, we purrtend to be asleep, and when she's not looking we sneak off. She allus comes looking furr us though and makes us go back in the garden.

  9. Can The Lady and I come over for dinner? That sauce looks real good.

  10. Wowww, that looks really yummy~!!!
    I am so glad to see you have great weekend.

    Please come and join my 10 year celebration, pick one photo and I will print it to the post card and sent you at September.

  11. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Yum! Do you think you could get your Mum to send us some sauce in the mail? Although it might make the envelope soggy! It looks so yummy, and Puddy definitely wants to put da bitey on the squash!

  12. OOoh now dat looks furry FURRY gud! Beau Beau yur Momma is furry smart to do all of dat aheadda time. It looks like Angie wuz havin fun wif cheese and wine! Angie has gud taste.


  13. We know you couldn't be guilty of any squash biting!

  14. Of course, you didn't put the bitey on that squash. As you said, you only like yellow and that one certainly looks green to me. It couldn't have been you. We have never stolen, I mean, tasted cheese. It looks quite yummy.


  15. Beau Beau, your face makes my Mommy melt - I know you would never harm an innocent squash! Making sauce, yummy cheese and wine...what a perfect way to spend a weekend!

  16. Anonymous4:49 PM

    hmmm...i neffur put the bitey onna skwash afore. mebbe i gotta try that one.
    Angie, that last picshure wif yur tung owt is the cutest thing! effun the Lady sed so.