Friday, August 24, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Beau Beau: Last night while I wuz playin' attack da buggies on da screen door a big monster kitty came and tried to attack ME frew da door! It wuz awful!

Angie: Yes, I saw it. It wuz a scary fing. Worse of all it wuz a *gasp* GIRL kitty!

Beau Beau: Wuz not!

Angie: Wuz too! She wuz a Calico and Calico's am GIRL kitties!

Beau Beau: Schmaybe HE wuz disguised.

Angie: Tsk. Admit it Beau Beau. Yoo's a wimp.

Beau Beau: Am not.

For some light in your life on this Thank God It's FRIDAY, enjoy some flowers. Mom bought these from DeFrancisco's Farm in North Branford, CT. Aren't they WONDERFUL!


  1. That's an awful lot of pretty and cute in one post! Beau Beau, I bet it was a boy kitty in a calico costume!

  2. Oh Beau Beau dat wuz furry bad dat calico kitty came and tried to ATTACK yu fru yur own door! Dat hadda to be furry scaree. I hadda black cat try to attack me fru do window one time. I attacked back! We each hadda our claws out at each otter. But, Momma came and picked me up and shooed da black cat away frum me. But I dont knoo what I wood've done if it had only been a screen a'tween us. I hopes da calico nefur comes back to bother yu! I'll come ofur and helps yu chase dem all away! Tell yur Momma I love her purrty flowers...

    Abby & Boo

  3. aw, u 2 are so furry cute, pretty flowers too

  4. I hear that calico cats are sort of bad. But I don't know. I just wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley or nothing.

    Those are some nice flowers at your house. We used to get pretty flowers at our house. Until the twins came along. They like to whap vases off tables and stuff like that so we can't have 'em any more. :(


    PS - Mom says to tell you guys that you can find out the search phrases by going to your site meter account and clicking on "By Referral." If you click on the links that say "google" or have the word search in them, then it brings up the list of websites that come up. Some of them are funny and some are just plain weird.

  5. Yoos not a wimp Beau Beau! Zippy is a calico gerl, she's little, only 6 pounds but she broke a window wif a whap of her paw and sumtimes she effun scares mom! We call her da Crazy Calico....da flowers is beyootiful.

  6. Beau Beau, evil intruder kitties are mean, whever they's girls or boys. She's a bully, that's all. Mom tells the boy to just ignore bullies.

    You guys look so cute there! I've added a "hi 5" to my treat routine. Mom picked it up quick, but I thot of it frum you.

    Bootiful flowers! Hope they don't get knocked ofur fur the water. That happens here a lot. Purrs!

  7. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Those are lovely flowers. They remind me of calico cats. I think girl kitties can be mean though, so it's okay Beau Beau.

  8. Poor Beau! I can tell you got very scairt. But not all calicos are mean. I am a calico, and I am only a little bit bad. But the one that tried to attack you through the door sounds very, very BAD!

  9. TGIFF. Thank God its flower friday!

  10. Beau, we're sure you're not a wimp. You were defending your house.

    Those flowers are gorgeous. Is that red one a zinnia or a dahlia? It's rained here for more than a week. Mom can't get out into her garden it's so water logged.

  11. oh Beau Beau that's awful. it's ok though, because one of the ginger kitties that torments Sammy is a girl. - Miles

  12. #1 Beau.... you are not a wimp. There are some meeeeeeeen girls out there. In our other house... we had a mean girl that used to terrorize us... well, Prinnie. Her family called her "Baby" but she was not... she was BAD.

    #2 There flowers are soooo soooo sooo beeeeyoootiful!

    headbutts for a happy week-end

  13. Ok THAT photo of you two needs to get sent in for the 2008 calendar!
    Of course, most of the photos we see of you two would qualify.
    And the flowers are pretty too.

  14. You two are so photogenic, or else your staff are good photographers, you always seem to take a good photo!

    Those flowers are very purrty. Scary about the kitty attacking your house though. I had an evil intruder cat in the garden the other night and my mum gave it treats!!!

  15. What faces!!! I believe you, Beau Beau.

  16. Beau, Beau, I have a calico sister and she's as sweet and gentle as they come. But don't feel bad if a visitng cat scared you. They do that on purpose and it's not nice. They think your house is their house and well, they are wrong.

  17. Oh Beau Beau, I'm sure he was disguised. It was pwetty wude of him to come and attack you anyway.

  18. Ohhh, we will watch out for girl kitty calli kos - wait... we have a calli ko girl sister who moved in with a friend. It could be true.

    Excellent photos and we love the pretty flowers!

    Sending Purrs!

  19. Beau Beau, some girl cats can be really mean. It's okay to be scared a little bit when a cat tries to attack you through your own screen door. The flowers are lovely.

  20. Girl kitties can be scary. Trust me. I live with four sisfurs.
    your bud Pepi

  21. It's furry scary when outside kitties try to force their way ... inside. There are three in our neighborhood an' they prowl around the outside of our house makin' all kinds of ferocious noises. Furry, furry scary.

    Beau Beau,
    I don't blame you for bein' kinda whimpy. I believe in self-preservation, too.