Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday stuff

Note: Cat picshure below may be offensive to some kitties! Close da eyes of da youngun's closed.

Owr cat lady mommie found dese fings in New York City yesterday wen she when wif Daddy bean for his birfday. We finks dat cat looks more scaird den anyfing.
GASP! Here's da bad picshure. Anyone of yoo cats got some bad a*s attitude? Mommie says she needs some of dat attitude at werk for da mean lady who said to her "well you figured wrong". Who figured wrong? She's gonna chew dis gum da next time she has to deal wif her. Hrmfff. Hey! Is dat HAMMMM?! It looks like Ham! What is dat? Oh da drool dat is coming owt of owr moufs. It's bruhzhoot? What's bruhzhoot? She didn't efun bring any home to us. Looks like ham. I bet it wuz ham.
Angie dat looks like ham dontcha fink? I'm jus likkin my lips finking bout it.


  1. spot 13 gum? ::shudder::

    mommy says that bra-zhoot is italiam ham. so IT'S HAM!!!! who cares what accent the pig had, it's still HAM.


  2. Just as long as it dosen't taste like #13.Bad Mom not to bring home a treat!

  3. That's a cute photo of you, Beau Beau.

    That gum is not funny, and that cat in the Cat Lady thingie does look scared!

  4. Dat kitty does look scairt...maybe da lady was trying to get some of dat gum out of her spot #13? We hadded dat pro-shoot-oh stuff once, fur da bean gerls birfdays. Mom maded it wif melon balls, yes we ate da ham AND da melon...yummy!

  5. I want ham! I want ham! I want ham!

  6. hehehe, that's such a cute pickshure of you lickin' yur lips! Ham's a good thing to lick lips for!

    Thankies so much fur your purrs for Brainball -- things are goin' bettur and Mom will have an update soon!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  7. Looks like ham to me.
    your bud Pepi

  8. Lookit that ham!!! It looks like Italian Parma ham, and that is our most faverit ham in the whole wide werld.

  9. You two are so cute! :) I'm sorry you didn't get any brooshoot, or whatever it is!

  10. Ham! Ham! We want ham! Next time our mommie opens the fridge, we're gonna sneak in there real fast and steal some. hehehe!

    Parker's Mommy here, we have to go, Parker passed out when she saw the Italian ham.

  12. Angie luks like she ist gonna smak u upsyde yur hed...

    Heh heh, dat gum must tayste reeeely weird.

    Luf, Us