Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tummies and photos

We asked Adan what kind of camera dey has that Michico takes so many good pictures wif. They gave a nice explanation of their camera and how Michico has improved the pictures she takes of Adan. We thought we'd show owr camera too. We has da Kodak Easy Share DX7440. We also got our camera a couple of years ago. Geez, has it been dat long already?
Mom takes mostly pictures on Auto and dis is what she gets: Low lighting:
In the shade: Ouch! That's da Mom's foot!Here's an example of bad flash lighting. We am still werking on dat.
The camera Mom is going to buy is the Canon D400. She's just waiting for the $ to drop - down and in... hee hee.


  1. Nice photos! My mom tries to avoid using the flash whenever she can, especially when taking photos of me, since it can hurt my eyes. She would love to get a digital SLR some day (hopefully a Canon) but that will have to wait a while, since my humans are getting me a new brother, and travelling lots while living in Europe.

  2. great photos! We haf a Kodak Easy Share Z740. Mommy takes most of our pikshurs on the "sports" settnig 'cause we move around too much. Although she just discovered by doing somefing wrong, that there's a setting that makes all the pikshurs jittery on purpose.

  3. Grate pikshers, mom would like a new camera but she gots no money fur stuff like dat.

  4. We love our Canon Rebel. Momma wanted the XTi rather than the XT but it was more expensive and Skeezix' Mom said to get lenses!

  5. You guys are wucky!
    I wish mine Mummy would get a wespectable camewa!
    She uses onwy her handphone camewa to take pictors of me!
    And I'm so handsome!

  6. Anonymous7:06 PM

    we gotta mostly takes daylite picshures of us too. if it's too dark, ya can't see us. but sumtimes flash makes us look weerd an not the rite blakness. it's easier ta take picshures of that little stripy gray kitten. hey - ya no whut? i likked his hed today. just once, but i did it! an plus i stopped hissin' at 'em.

    pee ess: those is furry beeyouteeful picshures of gorjus Angie!

  7. Hey, Thanks for introducing your camera:)
    Actually your camera is very good, in many Sun-light, your fur always gorgeous amazing beautiful and clear, that shows Kodak Easy Share DX7440's function is very tough~!

    And I am happy to know you will also choice Canon 400D, then, we could share some learned or experience of our using~!!!

    I am also waiting the price drop, I hope is the end of year hahahaha~!

  8. We think your pictures always look nice (& funny)!

    My MomBean's waiting for the price-drop-thing also!

  9. Mom always takes a bunch of pictures that way she hopes one or two will come out Heehee ~The Fluffy Tribe

  10. Your pictures always look great! My Mommie has the Canon XTi, but she is still trying to learn how to use it good. Many, many, many of her pictures go into the trashcan.