Saturday, December 01, 2007

Photohunt - Red

I RED da paper! Hahhahahahahahaha!Oh I just crack myself up some times.
Fanks to da kitties who came ofur for Happy Hour in my kitch-hen cabinet yesterday. We had lots of treats. It wuz fun.
~Beau Beau


  1. HaHaHaHaHa! You crack me up too Beau Beau!
    Powder had a ball yesterday, she's napping it off right now!
    ps - There were 5 "kids" on our Secret Paws list, so there were lotsa' goodies!

  2. I like you interupp your beans Beau beau~! Because that is the best I could doing to michico, And I love that :)

    It really shows you love your beans so so much~!!! You are so adorable in this photo!!!

    Love it~!

  3. You crack us up, too, Victor.
    (you ARE Victor, aren't you?)
    Come see MY blog post. It will explain a lot.
    Sadie the Amnesiac

  4. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Hi Beau Beau and Angie,
    nice to meet you!
    He he, Beau Beau - you look quite a bit alike me. And I see that you love to sit on the newspaper, too! PLUS: You love to sit in the kitchen cupboard! He he.. I love to do that, too!!!

  5. Beau Beau, you are very silly!

  6. That is a very good red!!! HA.

  7. Beau, you are just the cutest little guy!

    Darn, we missed Happy Hour! Musta been fun though!

  8. Man you sure are a busy dude. Working in your office, reading da paper. Has a good weekend buddy.

  9. Mom loves guys who are avid readers, Beau Beau. She thinks that you're furry special ... an' extra smart, too!

  10. Hahahaha you crack me up, too...