Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Things

We gotted dis golden rose from Miss Peach's party. Isn't is beeuteeful? We supposed to pass it on to those who we finks has a heart of gold. Efurryone we meet on dis blog we finks has a heart of gold so consider it yours. Please take it if you hasn't gotten one already from Miss Peach or someone else. We has a hyooman we wants to pass it on to though and that's someone Mom werks wif. Her name is Miss Kathleen and she is a speshul lady. So here's to yoo Miss Kathleen. A golden rose for you with a heart of gold.

Hey! It seems there has been a blog hog recently and his name starts wif B. He's cute an all but it's mine turn. Mom made us make up owr own Christmas cards wif owr picshure on it an we wants to send dem to yoo. If yoo would like a Christmas Card from us, please send us an email at:
bentleybleeATgmaildotcom wif yur address and we'll send yoo owr picshure card or just email us and we'll send you a nice virtual card (we will NOT give out yur addresses to anyone efur).
Enjoy da Christmas musik on owr bloggie. Send us an email too if it makes yur 'puter go crazy so we will know whether to keep it up on owr blog or not. Thanks efurryone!
Lufs, Angie


  1. Hi there Angie! My, you look fiesty today! Were you playing?

  2. Great photo, Angie. :) Miss Peach's party was wonderful, and so are the golden roses. :)

  3. Angie, that is a very fun and pretty picture of you! I like your holiday header, too.

  4. Angie

    That is a terrific pixchur of yu! But all of yur pixchurs are booteefull! We love da roses too...aren't dey gorjuss?

    Abby and Boo

  5. Angie, is you hollering for tem-tay-shuns??

    we love the music

  6. We love the picture of you at the end Angie, you look adorable and fierce all at the same time. Miss Peach's party was a lot of fun - thanks for sharing your roses!

  7. You are one beautiful kitty, Angie! Our cards should be arriving today, so we'll send you our snail mail.

  8. Angie, you look so pretty in that picture. Sometimes brothers are blog hogs. It stinks. I'm glad that you got to do your own post today.


    PS - We love your new Christmas header. Oh, and we e-mailed you. :)

  9. You are so cute Angie enforcing the "It's my turn to blog". Purrs.

  10. Oh, Angie, you look so cute! I love that beautiful rose

  11. Angie, were you playing? I think Beau Beau needs a collar with attached red light thingy. I saw it in a catalog. That would also keep him occupied so you can get your share of the blogging time. Purrs!

  12. Angie~!
    I can see you play very good~!!!!
    Wahahaha~!!! Excellent expression~!!
    I love it~!

  13. That's a very pretty picture of you. I agree with Daisy. The music is very lovely too.