Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wacky Wednesday - Secret Paws is here!

We tried to wait patiently coz we were gonna put owr Secret paws packij unner da Christmas tree but owr desire for instant gratification won owt.
We gots lots of nice stuff from Bogdan at The Morning Scratch. We got a nice card and jingle balls and a fevver toy an some real grass to eat! An efurryting was so nicely packijed. It efun had nice paw-tissue paper. The Morning Scratch is furry crafty. Beau Beau went right for da fevver toy an den he helped Mom make da grass grow. Since he duzn't go owtside he can't wait to eat some of it.
Temptaytions! We don't get dem dat often coz she likes us to eat organik stuff most of da time. Hey! Get outta my way yoo big oaf! Gasp! Oh sorry, I didn't mean dat Sandy Claws. I'm tryin' to be nice to Beau Beau but he is a big oaf boy. We stuffed owr facestried to eat politely but as yoo can see da big boy wuz all ofur me like a cow in a barn!

Plus Bogdan's sister thot it would be nice for me to have dese pretty bows. I think they am devine!
Plus I gets to play wif da fevver toy too.
Fanks yoo Bogdan! Deze are wonnerful gifts. We are truly appreciative.
Beau Beau & Angie


  1. Those are some very fabulous presents you got! And Temptations, too!!!!

  2. Beau Beau and Angie

    What grate tweets and prezzies yu boff got. Wow there is a lot of fun stuff and tem-ta-shuns to I knoo yu is in kittie heavens...

    woo woo

    Abby and Boo

  3. Duck and Cover, Angie!!
    We had to biggify those photos because they are all so very cute and funny.
    How come the Big Boy has his mouth open in so many of his photos?
    Can her breathe thru his nose or does he hope to eat bugs that fly in?
    Or is he saying Moooooooooo?

  4. like a cow in da barn....ha ha ha... angie da bow is purrty on yer head

  5. That looks like a great Secret Paws package! The feather toy looks like lots of fun, and Temptations are yummy (I don't get them often either.)

  6. What great Secret Paws presents! You both look so cute in those pictures. I wouldn't be able to wait to open my secret paws present, either!

  7. Cat grass? Tem-tay-shuns? Wow, what a faboolus present! Angie! Yoo look so cute wif bows in yoor furs...

  8. awsome secret paws pressie!!

  9. Oh what fun secret paw gifts you got!!!

  10. Beau Beau,
    you's gonna love the growy grass!
    I gots started on it last summer and now I chews on it a couple a times a day! Its really the best!

    You gots a lot of really nice other stuff too ... like temp-taste-ons.

    Secret Paws are the best!

  11. Oh Angie, you look lovely in your new bow!! What great presents your Secret Paw (Bogdan) sent you. Happy Holidays to you and Beau Beau.

    The Crew

  12. Wowee, what a wonderful Secret Paws!

    & everybody at Artsy Catsy

  13. Oh how cool!n catgrass is great!

  14. Wow, you got great stuff! I am wondering when my Secret Paw will come and who it will be from!

  15. Boy do those presents look like fun. I can't wait until ours comes.

  16. Those are grate purrezzunts. It looks like BeauBeau got so excited that he neerly eatid yoo Angie instead of the Temtayshuns. Yoo look furry purrty wiv your bow.

  17. What a great package of goodies!
    We can understand why you two could not wait. I bet you could smell the Temptations through the package!

    Great pictures!! You two are so cute

  18. Sweet! You got some awesome stuff!

  19. Mommy keeps smiling at Angie and her pretty bow!

  20. Wow, great toys and Temptations! The bow is very cute on you Angie! Secret Paws is so cool! Have a wonderful day!
    Your FL furiends,

  21. Oh! Temtashuns are the bestest!

  22. Those are awesome surprises! Bogdan knows just what to buy!

  23. That cat who gave you those gifts sure is classy.


    I hope you enjoy the grass and all the toys. Happy Secret Paws!

    Purrs, Bogdan

  24. Hi. I am Bogdan's sister. I think you look gorgeous in that bow, Angie. We should go out on the town in our bows!

  25. Hahahaha! Beau Beau almost eated Angie!

    Have fun losing your toys into the black hole under furniture. That's where my rolly toys go for almost forever. Then they show up in my toy basket later. I wonder how that happens.