Thursday, November 10, 2022

From Connecticut to North Carolina Part I

The BIG MOVE. Part I.

We are back to blogging, our blog has a new look thanks to Ann at Zoolatry, and we are here to tell you the story of the past year or so.

Life was good. Mom and the food man were home with us a lot more. Mom worked from home and then there was no more work for her. The food man stayed home a couple days a week to work then he went back to the office. We were all relaxed and happy in our nice big windowed house. We gots to see outside all the time, attack the windows trying to get to Mr. Squirrel, run up and down the stairs playing herd of elephants and protect the place on our nightly patrols from all other animal intruders. Then one day there was the smell of change in the air.

Teaghan on left, Tommy on right

Here is the back yard where we kept a look out for all kinds of birds and animals

Here is the front of our CT house. We only saw this view when we went to the v.e.t.

Little by little we started noticing a lot of things were going missing in the house! Our stuff was moved around. Our stuff was moved out of the house!  One day our condo was even "GASP" outside! 

The beans sold our KITTY CONDO! What in the heck!

Teaghan looking out

There were days I just hid in the boxes that were all over the place.

I'm telling you Tommy, something horrible is happening!

We tried to hide in our hidey spot but even the stuff in there had gone missing.  

And I protested when they tried to get rid of my favorite chair.  It had all my furs all over it at least a 1/2 inch thick in spots. No it couldn't go.

Then one day, horror of all horrors, we had to go in the loud metal machine in a different carrier than our usual v.e.t carrier.  Both Mom and the Food man brought us out and made us sit in it till we screamed our heads off.  Well, I made a few noises, but Tommy didn't make a peep. Brown noser.  I got to walk around. I looked for an escape plan.

Then we heard the words. The horrible words.  We were moving to North Carolina 👀 Where the heck is that??? 
Teaghan: "We're moving WHERE?"

Stay tooned for Part II.  In the mean time we will be catching up on visiting y'all.

Tommy & Teaghan


  1. Aww, we are sorry you had to move from Connecticut, but we hope North Carolina is a wonderful place for you all to be! Did you wave as you passed by us here in SW CT? :)

  2. We hope your move turns out to be a good one for you two as well as for your humans !

  3. Moving is stressful. I like to howl under thr bed for a week.

  4. That is a very big adventure, and thank you for taking us along with you. Your new header is lovely too.

  5. VERY happy to meet the two of you! Thank you for coming by. I am on a trip but will see you again when I return. XO

  6. Sounds like a lot of change! I hope you settle in nicely in your new home. What an adventure!

  7. when we moved 4 yeerz ago, i hid u.t.b fur 4 days an onlee came owt at nite to eatz and baffroom. i betz yoo git a noo condo soon

  8. We can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    The "move" word sounds awful. But some friends of ours have done that and survived. Even loved the new place better!

    So hang in there and hope for better...

  10. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Oops, Mark's Mews there above...

  11. Wow! Changes are happening for you kitties, and we all know how little kitties like change - MOL! Hang in there kits, I bet you'll love your new digs.

  12. Wow, that is quite a move! We hope that you arrive at your new home in North Carolina safely!

  13. That's a ton of change for kitties! Hope you get a great big kitty condo replacement!