Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tabbies on Tuesday - Meet the ferals

 Our human neighbor behind our house came over to let us know about her cat.  She said she was a gray and white tabby who is 14 years old and a feral that sleeps under her deck. Her parents had fed it all these years and now she may be moving soon.  We hope the new people keep feeding her.  

Then the next day, Mom and the Food man were taking a walk and they ran into what they guessed is a feral community in the neighborhood. There were a few of the cutest cats just hanging out in the parking lot near some dumpsters. They seemed to be having a good ole time! As Mom got closer, they slowly got up and started walking away to different areas. She got this picture of them and one fits the description of the girl cat the neighbor was describing. And she is a Beau Beau lookalike too! After digging around for some more info, it is indeed a feral community that has a lot of people who feed these cats daily. They have been doing so for years and they are well taken care of. They get vet care, spayed/neutered, and fed. They all seem pretty mellow.  

So meet two of the feral tabbies!  Mom will get some more photos on her next walk and post next Tuesday.


  1. Very pretty kitties. I am glad they are taken care of, but it makes me sad they live outside.

  2. Those are good looking ferals. I am glad they are being cared for.

  3. We are so happy these kitties are being well-cared for. :)

  4. My momma is a cat magnet. She's adopted and cared for dozens of ferals throughout her life. My cat momma was kinda feral and brought me and my family to my Forever Home and my hooman momma. Bless all who feed and care for the homeless kittehs. Love, Dori