Friday, October 06, 2006

For the hard working humans

I sit reflective by my 'puter books. Sometimes things seem so hard for the humans at their work. This is for all them humans who are working hard. I have another verse from the "Tao of Meow" by Waldo Japussy.

You cannot move mountains,
If you believe them to be mountains.
You must think of them as collections of small stones,
Which can be moved one at a time,
And then reassembled.

Make work difficult, and it cannot be done.
Make it simple, and even a simpleton can do it.
There is great virtue in hard work,
As long as someone else is doing it.



  1. You know, that was EXACTLY what my Meowmy needed to read. She's been really stressed lately and I kept trying to tell her to take a nap and it would all be better.

    Somehow your verse here made more sense to her.

  2. Angie

    You are a furry smart kitty to be so well read! And bee-tee-full too.


  3. Furry sensible advice again. And, Angie, you are looking SO beautiful!
    A belated happy purrthday to your dad. I jump on my dad's head in the morning too and then he gets up and feeds me. So we have the same habits.

  4. You are very wise. Don't throw up on their "work" books, though. It really upsets them and then they have start the "Tao of Meow" all over from the begining.

  5. angelica, you are wise beyond your years. such wisdom from a youngster. it would be good for us beans to heed your words.

  6. Anonymous3:39 PM

    um...i know ya got lotsa words here that i'm prolly 'posta read, cause why would ya write 'em if ya didn't want them ta be read, but i can't stop starin at yur pic-shure! that's gotta be the mostest gorgeous pic-shure of you i effur seen! i alreddy printed out the pic-shure an i'm gonna go stare at it all day long. i'll tell the Lady ta read the words.

  7. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Ha, ha. I partucularly like the last 2 lines -
    "There is great virtue in hard work,
    As long as someone else is doing it."

    That sounds like great advise.

  8. Mom says your jus the kind of bookend she loves.

  9. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Very deep. Belated birthday greetings!

  10. Hmmm - your beans and our bean read some of the same books - very deep.

    By the way, thanks for comin' by to play in our caption contest!

    *We're goin to add you to our blog roll!

  11. Anonymous12:32 PM

    we made you our 'puter wallpaper, so now i kin admire yur beauty all day!

  12. Wow, yer vary vary cute with all thowse books next to yoo. Thanks fur the verse, we are going to meow it to owr lady

  13. Oh, meow!
    Mom's been werking way too hard, movin a mountain of reports one at a time. Then she comes home an makes a mountain of leafs.
    Me? Help? Oh, no, I couldn't.

  14. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Very nice, Angie. These are good things to remember when life is stressful.
    ~ tammara